Recommendations for passengers and drivers
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 -Passengers and drivers, please respect the inviolability of the state border, which is an integral part of Mongolia's national security, strictly follow the laws and regulations on border crossing, do not engage in any illegal activities, and comply with the legal requirements of border guards;

 -If you are preparing to travel abroad, check the validity of your passport (for example, if it is 20 MAY 19, it means that your passport will expire on May 20, 2019);

 -When you receive a new passport, make sure that it is signed and stamped, and that your last name, first name, date of birth, and registration number are written correctly;

 - Protect passport pages from tearing, wetting and other damage, and do not make any repairs;

 - In case you lose your border crossing documents while traveling abroad, notify the local authorities and the Mongolian diplomatic mission (Embassy or Consulate) in that country;

 -Driver, you are responsible for changing the direction and location of vehicles crossing the border, boarding and disembarking passengers with the permission of the State Border Guard, and it is prohibited by law to hold demonstrations, rallies, block traffic and other interruptions at the border.  Please.

-When you are moving in the state border zone, strip, or port, an undocumented or suspicious person will run away, or someone will ask you to smuggle people and things across the border, promise rewards, and suspect you on the road and in your car.  If any items are found, please notify the Border Guard immediately and cooperate.