Main functions of the border protection organization:
  • 2020.06.03
  • 3073

Main functions of the border protection organization

Implement state policy on state borders;

 To organize and manage the state border protection at the national level;

 Implement Mongolia's obligations under international agreements on border issues and maintain the state border regime;

 To prevent illegal alteration of the state border line;

 To maintain the border regime, prevent border violations and resolve border violations in accordance with the law;

 To inspect the movement of passengers and means transportation across the state border, ensure the security of the border ports, and enforce the procedures to be followed at the border check point;

 To take measures to put an end to the general unrest at the state border and at border crossings;

 Detection and suppression of cross-border crime;

 Promptly transmit information on drones and unmanned aerial vehicles that may have violated air borders to units and branches of the Air Force of the Mongolian Armed Forces;

 Performs other functions provided by law.