On the entry of children across the state border:
  • 16:02
  • 1944

 -If the child does not have the name of one of the parents when entering the country, the child's birth certificate and his/her replacement document (notarized copy of the birth certificate or electronic reference) when traveling with a family member;

 -Decrees of soum and district governors and court decisions on appointing legal guardians and custodians of children;

 -Notarized attorney between a parent, legal guardian, custodian and a person crossing the border with a child traveling abroad with a person other than a parent or legal guardian or custodian;

 - Permission of the police unit responsible for combating human trafficking to participate in international competitions and other cultural events;

 - If a person crossing the border with a child leaves the child abroad, he/she shall bring a copy of the documents of the parents and other recipients abroad, proof of receipt of the child, address, contact phone number and e-mail address.

 -Children will not be allowed to cross the border if their destination and destination are not clear.