Considerations for citizens crossing at the border
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One. Duties of the border protection organization under the Law on Borders of Mongolia:

 To inspect the movement of passengers and vehicles across the state border, ensure the security of the border crossing, and enforce the procedures to be followed at the border crossing point;

 To take measures to put an end to the general unrest at the state border and at border crossings;

 In addition, if a passenger is not allowed to cross the state border, he/she shall be detained, and in case of disaster or emergency situation at the border, a special regime shall be established and organizational measures shall be taken in cooperation with the relevant authorities;

 The state border protection organization shall make a note in the passenger's right to cross the state border, confiscate the conflicting documents and transfer them to the relevant organization, keep a register of passengers and vehicles crossing the state border and establish a unified fund;

 Prohibited and restricted items found during the inspection of vehicles crossing the state border shall be confiscated, transferred to the relevant authorities, and other powers provided by law shall be exercised.